If I send you my CV can you tell me if I’m eligible?

No. You can check your own eligibility by carefully reading the job requirements (these are listed under “Your experience and profile”) in the vacancy text 

If based on your reading you think you are a good fit and you find the position interesting, then please apply.

As with all vacancies, I have a strong preference for applicants who meet all criteria. If, after the application deadline it turns out that none of the people who applied meet all criteria, we will also consider applications from people who meet most (rather than all) criteria.

Applicants who don’t have a masters degree in Political Science or related disciplines (public administration, sociology, organisation sciences) will not be considered for this position.

Can we meet for an informal chat about the post?

No. Unfortunately my schedule doesn’t allow time for informal chats about this position.

Do you have any advice on how to apply?

For general advice on writing application to academic roles, please see this blog post I wrote some years back.

Can I perform the role remotely?

I have a strong preference for the candidate to move to the Netherlands – at least for most of the contract – because this facilitates interaction with me and the rest of the team and also provides benefits to the junior researcher (most importantly networking).  If – for whatever reason – this not an option for you and you live in one of the six countries listed in the vacancy text, it might still be worth to submit an application. In this case I recommend being clear about not being willing/able to move in the first paragraph of the motivation letter. Depending on who the two positions go to there might be other ways to involve you in the project at a later point but for a shorter duration and not as employee of the University.

If I move to the Netherlands, will the University have housing for me?

No. The University of Amsterdam does not offer housing to Junior Researchers. The housing situation in the Netherlands in general and Amsterdam in particular is not great at the moment (demand exceeds supply). This means that successful applicants may need to look for housing outside Amsterdam and commute (Dutch public transport is generally good).

I don’t have a work permit for the Netherlands, can I still apply?

The University of Amsterdam can apply for a work permit for the applicants who are offered the position. The work permit will be tied to the contract with the University of Amsterdam. More information on work permit requirements can be found on the website of the Dutch Immigration Service (IND) 

When do you expect me to start?

Ideally successful applicants will start by March 1, 2023.  There is a bit of room to start later, but this will mean the contract will be less than 18 months (this is because the RIGHTS project ends in August, 2024 and the contract cannot run beyond the end of the project).

The vacancy text asks for an application pack but the application system asks for a CV and motivation letter. What should I do?

Please submit your application pack, as specified in the vacancy text, under “CV” and leave the motivation letter field empty.

I’ve applied, when will I hear about the outcome of the application?

Shortlisting and longlisting will happen after the deadline for applications. How much time this takes, will depend on the number of applications. We hope to send out interview invitations no later than the first week of January. The interviews are tentatively scheduled to take place (remotely) on January 10 and 11. Depending on when the offers for both positions have been accepted, all candidates will be informed of the outcome of their application by the end of February the latest.

Do you have postdoc or other vacancies on the project?

No and I don’t expect to announce any more external vacancies for this project in the future. All vacancies for research positions at the University of Amsterdam are advertised on the university website and on academic transfer. If you are looking for a different type of position, please consult these websites.