From a policy brief to academic publications. Read about the various publications of the RIGHTS project here:

Academic Publications

The RIGHTS project has published four papers since 2020. All of the publications are open access and publicly available.


Mira Burmeister-Rudolph (2023) Policy differentiation and the politics of belonging in India’s emigrant and emigration policies, Citizenship Studies, DOI: 10.1080/13621025.2023.2244451

Mira Burmeister-Rudolph (2023) A transnational social contract: Social protection policies toward Non-Resident Keralites, Migration Studies, 11(2): 286–311,

Ersanilli, E., & Präg, P. (2023) Fixed-term work contracts and anti-immigration attitudes. A novel test of ethnic competition theory, Socio-Economic Review21(1),     293-318,

Liberty Chee (2020) “Supermaids”: Hyper-resilient Subjects in Neoliberal Migration Governance, International Political Sociology, 14(4):366–381,

Policy Briefs

In late 2023, Evelyn Ersanilli published a policy brief titled “Origin countries’ policies on low-waged migrant workers. Results from the RIGHTS policy database.”

Ersanilli, Evelyn (2023) Origin countries policies on low-waged migrant workers. Results from the RIGHTS policy database. RIGHTS policy paper.


In early 2024 the, already, fifth version of the RIGHTS database was published and is publicly available under this link.

Ersanilli, E. (2024, January 25). RIGHTS policy database.


The RIGHTS team released its first newsletter in early 2024. You can read the newsletter or download it as a pdf by clicking this link. Here, among others, we announced the partnership between UPNVJ Indonesia and RIGHTS and the release of the RIGHTS policy database version 5.0.